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No Label Martin

06.martinje(hik)-kulor-malaThe Istrian Centre of Intangible Culture in Pićan dedicated its first public production in 2011 to “Martinje” (St. Martin’s Day or Martinmas) and organized a programme named “No Label Martin” in the month that celebrates wine across Istria. It’s a daylong feast dedicated to wine, winemaking and “no label” Istrian winemakers.

With this programme the Centre wishes to point out several practices of intangible culture – from agricultural practices to manual labour; relation to oral tradition (the world of symbols and knowledge); value of studying remembrances and memory as well as the relationship between the territory and the product and its observation in the context of traditional culture.

Moreover, with “No Label Matrtin” a new communication with members of the local community is established as well as their active participation in the definition, explication and means of preservation of parts of their culture. Along with the aimed interaction with them, this programme aims also to document aforementioned practices and subsequently publicly present the documented material.

With “No Label Martin” the Istrian Centre of Intangible Culture systematically initiates an awakening of value of those whose logo is knowledge hidden in the wine cellars of memory, and whose label is the memory of Istrian time and place. “No Label Winemakers”, those who keep culture alive, belonging to it and belonged by them, decant their stories; reveal parts of the land’s heritage on which those stories reside. With “No Label Martin” we also point out the differences existing in all areas enabling the local character and have an irreplaceable value, as well as the need to incite creativity in the Pićan surroundings.

From year to year the Centre maintains the program’s axis: putting Istrian winemakers (including those from the Slovenian part of Istria) in the middle of “stories about wine”, and it changes on so far as it evokes places that defined Pićan’s inhabitants identity throughout history.
“No Label Martin” becomes a live place of story gathering and it’s realized with the collaboration of the Borough of Pićan. Programme authors are Nuša Hauser (documentarian) and Mario Buletić (curator).

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