Etnografski muzej Istre

Where are we from

“Where are we from?” – Creative and research workshop

(High schools: Mate Blažina Labin and Juraj Dobrila Pazin; April, September and October 2013)

The creative and research workshop “Where are we from?” is intended for students of high schools form Labin and Pazin. The axis of the content’s concept is the research and documenting of intangible culture’s phenomena mirrored in everyday life of aforementioned localities. This is the basis for a representative exhibition of creatively complied gained knowledge.

The workshop lasts four weeks, as does the imaging and setting up of the exhibition. The first phase is aimed at enabling the attendants to make a blueprint, a scheme and offer suggestions for the final shape of the exhibition based on gathered facts. Their duty is to create the design of the exhibition by creatively rethinking the content and the theme they chose.

The workshop is divided in teams to enable an easier and more dynamical learning and the creation of a wholesome workshop process. The teams do fieldwork guided by detailed instructions of mentors and start the documenting process. During every meeting with mentors controls of documents and future counselling are conducted. This lasts until the end of the research. As the themes will be covered so the attendants will receive tasks they’ll have to do between lectures: short interviews, photos, videos, archive materials, analysis of content. The work in progress material will be presented during every meeting including the possibility of free commentary by the attendants.

The result of all of the above is the compilation of contents required for the design of the exhibiton/production leading the attendants in the final phase: the conception and the creation of the exhibition. This is also enables the attendants to learn about the work of museum personnel and the possibility of mutual work on the final production. The exhibition place will be the Istrian centre of Intangible Culture in Pićan.

Workshop managers are Nuša Hauser, documentarian and Mario Buletić, curator.