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Research, Record, Save

Research, Record, Save… ” – Intangible culture documentation workshop

(Juraj Dobrila University, Pula 6th – 29th of November 2012)


The Istrian Centre for Intangible Culture of the Ethnographical Museum of Istria conducted the Intangible culture documentation workshop called Research, Record, save… at Juraj Dobrila University in Pula as part of dr. sc. Andrea Matošević’s programme – Cultural Anthropology, Industrial Ethnography, Historical Anthropology and Oral History.

This is an educational programme with theoretical and practical content whose goals were to cause awareness on basic concepts of intangible culture and elements of intangible culture mirrored in a living space and time. Also, the aim was to incite a new thinking about those cultures, cultural identities and their manifestations.

Thanks to concrete examples by specialized researchers ( Lidija Nikočević, Joško Ćaleta, Dario Marušić, Andrea Matošević, Igor Jovanović, Igor Šaponja, Paolo Parmeggiani) the workshop directed awareness to different approaches to aforementioned methods of the research process. They served to motivate the attendants who gained knowledge about the development of ideas for researches in intangible culture and the basics of ethnographic methods of recording, analysis, storage and diffusion of data based on results gained during the observation of elements of intangible culture.


The workshop was attended by students from several university departments – those that are connected to this programme by their curriculum. Lectures from the theoretical part were divided in four meetings. They were conceived to contribute to interactive, live dialogue with students so enabling better understanding of intangible culture terms and to pinpoint the possibility and needs of new research paths. The workshop’s results were published in the publication “Research, Record, Save… ” and they can be found on our web pages in the column Production (folder Publications)