Etnografski muzej Istre

The Istrian Centre for Intangible Culture

Cenki Cenki

The Istrian Centre for Intangible Culture of the Ethnographical Museum of Istria was founded June the 20th 2011 in Pićan. Its activities are directed towards the research, documenting, caretaking and popularization of Istrian intangible culture. It establishes a new communication with members of local communities. The Centre acknowledges them as active co-operators in the definition of models that are the basis for the analysis of their cultural identities. For them, and with them, a place for creation and education is opened. The Centre directs its gaze toward rural and urban surroundings with equal intensity and there it records and analyses the living force of Istrian intangible culture’s knowledge and practices.

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Martin bez etikete

No Label Martin

Since the first "No Label Martin" the Centre systematically initiates an awakening of value of those whose logo is knowledge hidden in the wine cellars of memory, and whose label is the memory of Istrian time and place.
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No Label Martin 2015

No Label Martin 2015 photogallery

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